A dog receiving pet grooming services in West Jefferson, OH


Pamper your pet with a day at the spa. West Jefferson Animal Hospital in West Jefferson offers pet grooming services, including dog and cat grooming.

Included Pet Grooming Services

Pets are dropped off at staggered times to make for quicker grooming visits and are scheduled by appointment only. They are treated to a nice warm bath using specifically designed shampoo for the different types of coats. Along with the bath, we also offer nail trims, ear cleaning, brushing, de-matting, scissoring and shave downs.

Meet Your Pet’s Groomer

You will be able to meet with the groomer when you drop your pet off to go over exactly how you would like your pet’s coat groomed. Call to schedule your pet for a grooming today to have her/him looking and smelling their best.

Schedule Pet Grooming in West Jefferson, Ohio

For more information on our grooming services, or to schedule your pet’s appointment, call us at (614) 879-8250 or schedule an appointment online.

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