Children with a dog recovering from being microchipped in Washington D.C.


Save This Life microchip is a permanent pet ID placed beneath the skin and between the shoulder blades.  Similar to a routine vaccination, the microchip is implanted with a syringe needle that is laser-beveled to minimize discomfort for the pet.  It is about the size of a grain of rice and requires no anesthetic for implantation. Pet and dog microchipping is an effective way to keep your pet safe and give you peace of mind. West Jefferson Animal Hospital can microchip your pet!

Each Save This Life microchip number is searchable in Google.  When someone finds a pet and Google’s the microchip number, they can privately contact the pet owner through text and email.  The pet owner receives a GPS map of where the person who found their pet is located.

Save This Life Microchip Benefits

The Save This Life brand microchip includes a lifetime registration(pet owner receives online log in to update contact information and pet’s photo for a lifetime), $1000 in lost pet health insurance, free lost pet alerts and lost pet posters sent out, and lifetime replaceable ID tags. 

Schedule Pet Microchipping in West Jefferson, Ohio

Protect your pet with the proper identification to ensure their return to you in the unfortunate event they become lost. To schedule an appointment to get your dog microchipped, or to learn more about pet microchipping options in West Jefferson, call us at (614) 879-8250 or schedule an appointment online.

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