A cat lying next to an x-ray machine, getting ready to get radiography done in West Jefferson, Ohio


We offer digital x-rays that are done in the hospital. Radiographs require an appointments as some pets may need to be sedated. Those pets that need sedation should have their food withheld 12 hours before any sedation is given.

What Pet Radiographs Diagnose

Radiographs of the chest allow us to see the size and shape of the heart and whether there are any lung conditions present we need to know about. We are also able to evaluate the stomach, digestive tract, and other structure by x-raying the abdomen. Radiographs are also helpful to look at the pelvis and knee areas to see if your pet is suffering from hip dysplasia and/or osteoarthritis.

Schedule Pet X-Rays in West Jefferson, Ohio

To schedule a radiology consultation or appointment for your pet, call us at (614) 879-8250 or schedule an appointment online.

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